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iOS Platforms returned by hw.machine Property

iOS Simulator
– i386

– iPhone1,1 (original iPhone)
– iPhone1,2 (iPhone 3G)
– iPhone2,1 (iPhone 3GS)
– iPhone3,1 (iPhone 4 GSM)
– iPhone3,3 (iPhone 4 CDMA)

– iPod1,1 (iPod 1st Generation)
– iPod1,2 (iPod 2nd Generation)
– iPod3,1 (iPod 3rd Generation)
– iPod4,1 (iPod 4th Generation)

– iPad1,1 (1st Generation iPad)
– iPad2,1 (2nd Generation iPad, wifi)
– iPad2,2 (2nd Generation iPad, GSM
– iPad2,3 (2nd Generation iPad, CDMA)

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